The Albert Glassnap Family

UPPER LEFT:  (Left to Right) Albert, Joyce and Estella Glassnap.  Notice how warmly they are dressed.  It must have been a cold day.  Albert is in his lumberjack jacket but, as usual, if he was just going from his house to car, his shirt is opened.  Joyce has her precious Teddy Bear coat on which she got in 5th grade at the after-Christmas sales in January or February of 1944.  That looks like the scarf she knit during the war.  The outfit is completed with a fur-trimmed hood, leggings and boots, ready to play out in the snow on a cold day.  Estella wears a fur coat and boots topped off with a home-made babushka.  These were quite popular during World War II.

UPPER CENTER:  (Left to Right) Joyce, Albert and Estella.  Probably about the spring of 1946.  Joyce is as tall as her mother here and almost catching up to her dad. 

UPPER RIGHT:  Joyce is holding her tiny sister, Elaine Dawn, about late August of 1947.  Elaine only weighed an even four pounds when they took her home from the hospital.  Because she was so small, Estella asked Joyce to buy a cap to take her home in.  Joyce looked all over town and couldn’t find one small enough to fit.  This one was the smallest she could find but when the nurses dressed the baby in it she turned her head and all you could see was her ear sticking out.  Her little head was a good inch smaller than the cap all the way around.  She’s close to two months old here and the hat fits her a lot better than it did at first.

LOWER LEFT:  Albert is holding his beloved little “Lanie-girl” with Estella looking on, the winter of 1947.

LOWER RIGHT:  This is the first picture of the whole family together.  Albert is on the left, Joyce is holding her little sister, Elaine, and Estella is on the right.  These two pictures were taken on Alma (Aldrich) Verhagen’s front porch in De Pere, Wisconsin.  The Glassnaps visited there every week.

TOP LEFT:  Albert Glassnap with his daughter Elaine Dawn.  The picture was taken the summer of 1948 at their Wisconsin Avenue home in front of the old transparent apple tree.

BOTTOM LEFT:  Glassnaps All!  Albert, Joyce and Estella with Elaine Dawn in front.  Taken in 1953 when they visited Joyce (Glassnap) Krieser at their trailer in Schofield, Wisconsin.

ABOVE:  Albert, Elaine Dawn and Estella Glassnap.  Both of these (RIGHT) photos were taken about 1955 at their Fair Street home when Grandma Aldrich came for a visit.  The girls always enjoyed visiting with her.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  Elaine Dawn Glassnap with her maternal grandmother,  Emma (De Keyser) Aldrich.  Elaine’s hair was short on these pictures.  Joyce cut it. 

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UPPER LEFT:  Joyce Glassnap and her baby sister, Elaine Dawn Glassnap, 1948.  Elaine is full of the dickens here and raring to go.  They obviously didn’t have Snuggies diapers in those days, just droopy-drawers.. but she seldom lost them.

UPPER RIGHT:  Sisters Joyce and Elaine playing with “Wit’ a White Nose” at Curtis Cabins in Schofield, Wisconsin in 1953.  He seemed to think he belonged to Joyce and Carl.  He’d raid the neighbors’ wash from off the lines and drag it all over to their door as a gift.  They didn’t know his name for a long time and referred to him as “The black dog with the white nose” which got shortened to “Wit’ a White Nose”.

LOWER LEFT:  Joyce and Elaine stand on Fair Street about 1954.  Joyce and Carl’s second Pontiac is in the background.

LOWER RIGHT:  Joyce and Elaine in 1955 with Carl’s first Volkswagen behind them.  They didn’t have it long because Carl rolled it.  Fortunately, it was one of the first in the area to have seat belts and that saved him.  It was really a crash. 

1950’s Hodgepodge (This Page)

UPPER LEFT:  Elaine Dawn Glassnap (age 3) smiles contentedly at a small bouquet of flowers while her little Fair Street neighborhood friends in Appleton pose for the picture.  This was probably the summer of 1950.

UPPER RIGHT:  Henry John Glassnap, Albert’s brother, is standing next to his big Buick.  We don’t have many pictures of Uncle Henry so it’s a treat to be able to include this one.  Probably taken in the late ‘50s.

LOWER LEFT:  Elaine Dawn holds a lap-full of Tina’s pups while Tina stands by.  That little white one was lucky to survive the ordeal.  He’s all bent out of shape.

LOWER RIGHT:  How little Tina could consistently have so many pups is a wonder, often several litters in a year.  She was quite the mother.  One time a mouse got trapped in a drawer under the sink.  Albert sicked Tina in to attack and kill.  She jumped in and started mothering it.  These pictures were taken about 1953. 

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The Glassnap Family

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