Joyce’s Franklin Grade School Days

Joyce Glassnap attended the same grade school that her father, Albert Glassnap, had gone to some twenty-five years earlier.  The building hadn’t changed much during those years.  They even had one of the same teachers, Mrs. Abendroth, who was the principle and fifth grade teacher by the time Joyce went there.

TOP:  This was Joyce’s second grade class picture when she was seven years old, fall of 1940.  Miss Asman, who joined the United States Armed Services a few years later during World War II, was her teacher that year.   Joyce is standing in the second row, fourth from the right, with her face half in shadow.

BOTTOM LEFT:  Joyce is wearing her nurse’s costume, which was a very popular thing to do during the Second World War.  This was probably taken the summer of 1942 or 1943 when she was 9 or 10 years old.

BOTTOM CENTER:  This was a combination ice and snow storm that was pretty as a picture, so her mother took Joyce’s picture with her Deanna Durbin doll dressed in her skating outfit, ice skates and all.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  The snow banks pile high in Wisconsin.  Joyce sands on a snowbank that was taller than she was.  These two winter pictures were taken when she was in fourth or fifth grade.

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Grade School Days

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