Childhood Memories

These are early childhood pictures of Joyce Glassnap (from early 1933 through mid-1935).  All the pictures were taken at or near her home on Wisconsin Avenue in Appleton, Wisconsin. 

ABOVE LEFT:  This picture was named “Little Suck-a-Thumb” by her parents.  It was the first picture taken of Joyce (in early 1933).

ABOVE CENTER:  Her father was very proud of his cactus plant in full bloom so he took a picture of it with Joyce standing next to it.  Later, when he asked her why she had such a sour look on her face, she replied, “The cactus hurt my eyes.” so that became the name for this picture.  Because she was teased so much for pulling a face on it, Joyce never liked this picture when she was a child.

ABOVE RIGHT:  Joyce always liked this picture better.  She was a cute little imp in it.

BELOW LEFT:  Little Joyce was playing tug-of-war with her mother Estella Glassnap.

BELOW CENTER and RIGHT:  Joyce is with her father, Albert Glassnap.  They were very good pals.  Everyone looks like they were having so much fun in these pictures. 

LEFT:  Little Joyce poses in a white cotton batiste dress trimmed with small, pink embroidered roses and lace, a classic in that day.  The large bow in her hair seems to be ever-present.  Her mother loved to accent her hair with big bows which didn’t stay put and had to be tied and re-tied.  The picture was taken about 1935 or so, age 2 or 3.

BOTTOM LEFT:  Joyce was 3 when she started taking dancing lessons from Janette Cameron for about a year.  Here, at age 4, she poses in her little Dutch-girl costume.  In May, 1937, three little girls were supposed to do their Dutch Doll routine in three dance revue performances, two at the Rio Theatre in Appleton, and one at Neenah High School.  Carol Brandt was sick and couldn’t make it.  Ardis Lundquist backed out with stage fright so Joyce Glassnap went on stage alone.  The show must go on, you know.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  Joyce is sitting in her wicker stroller-buggy just before they gave it away.  She really didn’t fit well in it by this time so it was time to pass it on.  That buggy was quite a classic in its day too.   Note the window in the adjustable hood, the woven design on the side and the adjustable foot rest, which raised to a horizontal position for a small baby.  It featured large back wheels which facilitated getting up and down curbs and steps and even had a safety strap.  This was the “Cadillac” of the buggy world.  Joyce was 5 or 6 when the buggy went and it was about time!

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Childhood Memories

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