Albert Glassnap used to brag, “I’ve got one daughter in college and the other one in kindergarten.”  Joyce was close to 15 years older than Elaine.  Here are some shots of the girls at parallel ages.

UPPER:  Joyce and Dad (left) about 1935; Elaine and Dad (right) about 1949 or 1950.

CENTER:  Joyce is sitting in her little wicker rocking chair with a mess of kittens on her lap in about 1938.  One of those kittens lived to be about 15 or 16 years old.  Elaine holds one of Tina’s pups while Tina snuggles close to her, about 1953.  Tina had pups regularly, several times a year.  Elaine always sold them at the Pig Fair for 50 cents each.

LOWER:  Joyce, with her big Christmas doll and buggy.  She found the doll under the bed on December 7th, before Christmas, so her Grandma Glassnap got her the wicker buggy to make it a good Christmas after all.  Elaine’s buggy and hair are all decorated up with crepe paper for a school contest.

Parallel Pictures ... Joyce and Elaine Dawn

Nothing New Under The Sun ... History Repeats Itself

LOWER:  These photos were both taken for high-school graduation.  The portrait of Joyce on the left was the picture she gave to her Dad.  He kept it in his billfold all through the years until the ink was smudged and mostly gone.  The inscription was erased and re-written over the original for this album so it is readable.  Elaine, on the right, is shown with shorter hair than in her younger days.  Joyce gave Elaine her first haircut about 1955 or 1956 and she said, “Don’t feel bad, Joycie.  It’ll grow back again.”  So much for Joyce’s hair styling aspirations.  Elaine’s hair was always her crowing glory, which is very evident in these pictures.  Long or short, her lovely natural curls and good texture always made her hair look beautiful.  Joyce graduated at age eighteen in 1951.  Elaine was seventeen when she graduated in 1965. 

UPPER:  The Glassnap girls, with Joyce on the left and Elaine Dawn on the right.  These portraits and the snapshots of the two girls with their pets and doll buggies were all taken when they were about five or six years old, in kindergarten or first grade.  For Joyce, this would have been about 1938 or 1939.  For Elaine Dawn, it would have been about 1952 or 1953.  Because of Joyce’s late December (27th) birthday, she was always one of the oldest and tallest in her school class.  Elaine’s birthday was July 5th, so she was always small and young looking for her age.

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Joyce And Elaine Dawn

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