Estella & Al Celebrate

This is to announce that on July 23, 1932, in De Pere, Wisconsin, Estella Aldrich, daughter of Emma Aldrich and the late Charles W. Aldrich, was united in marriage with Albert E. Glassnap.  You are invited to share in their celebration through the viewing of these wedding pictures. Unfortunately, all of their wedding pictures are dark and mottled, perhaps due to a dark day as the negatives are all very thin.  At least we get a glimpse of their wedding clothing. 

TOP:  Albert and Estella pose together in front of his car.  Her wedding dress was not flowered.   This effect is due to the mottled negative.  Her lovely gown was a plain pastel pink made of heavy satin.  It was sleeveless and featured a very fashionable “V” neckline in both the front and back, a popular choice for that day. 

LEFT:  The wedding party poses together.  (Left to Right) William Earl Moudry. Jr. (husband of Estella’s sister, Cecil), Albert, Estella and her sister, Cecil (Aldrich) Moudry next to her.  Her best friend Leona Stranen is on the extreme right. 

In these pictures Estella (right) stands with her sister, Cecil (left) and her best friend Leona (Seroogy) Stranen (center).  When she asked Cecil if she would stand up for the wedding Cecil answered, “How can I stand up for you?  I don’t have a pretty, long dress to wear.”  Estella said, “Well, I’ll let you wear one of mine then.”  Both of her sisters married when they were 16.  After their father died they had lived in such poverty that marriage seemed to be a good way to escape the problem.  But when the depression hit, they found that there wasn’t a lot of extra money in marriage either.  Estella was 27 when she married.  She had gone to work right after she graduated from eighth grade to help out with the family finances.  Most people did in those days.  Very few had the opportunity for a high school education.  There were no child labor laws then and the extra money was usually needed by the family.  She didn’t make that much but, except for her room and board and whatever else she gave to her mother to help out, she spent the rest of her money for clothes.  Cecil always envied her lovely dresses.

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Estella & Al Celebrate

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