The Early Marriage Years

ABOVE:  This portrait of Estella (Aldrich) Glassnap was taken about 1935.  She looks so fresh in her crisply starched voile dress.  Her hair was done in a typical style of the day with waves cascading down close to her head into a shoulder-length bob.  They used to have metal wave-setting combs to fix the waves as they dried, securing the style.  With her sparkling eyes and gentle smile it’s easy to see why Albert was so taken by her quiet charm. 

LEFT:  This enlargement of Albert Edward Glassnap is from a picture on the next page, taken in 1933 when Joyce was a baby.  Albert was quite a rugged individual and always loved the out-of-doors.  It shows on this picture with his wind-blown hair and suntan.  He seems to dress more casually after their marriage.  They made a good-looking couple.

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Early Marriage Years

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