Albert The Family Man

Taking on the responsibilities of a family when the Great Depression was just hitting the Fox River Valley was a big undertaking for Albert.  Although the crash came in 1929, it took until about 1932 to 1933 for the effects to hit the valley.  Because the nation continued to need paper, the mills continued to produce but they had to cut way back on production.  The Fox River Paper company, where Albert worked, had two mills.  Instead of closing one mill and laying off all those workers, they alternated production between the two mills so they didn’t have to lay anyone off.  Although no one worked full time, at least all of the families had some money coming in to put bread on the table.  Albert and Estella lived with Albert’s mother and brother for four or five years until things got better.  They had to make do. 

TOP LEFT:  Albert just prior to marriage. 

TOP RIGHT:  Estella, Joyce and Albert in 1933.

RIGHT:  Their daughter Joyce Alberta Julia Glassnap, taken about 1935.

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Albert The Family Man

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