After Estherbrook’s Heaven, Then Came The Real World

These three pictures were all taken at Estherbrook.

UPPER RIGHT:  Joyce Glassnap and Cappy rode on the back road to the farm.

LOWER LEFT:  Mr. Harwood talks to one of the horses in Estherbrook’s pasture.

LOWER RIGHT:  “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”.  The horses in the pasture always seemed to prefer the grass in the paddock.

There were no pictures taken after Mrs. Harwood sold Estherbrook because Joyce was too busy.  The currycomb clip art was chosen in remembrance of those days, however.  The riders at Estherbrook never had to saddle or even unsaddle a horse all the while they rode there, let alone groom any of the animals.  After Estherbrook was sold, Mrs. Harwood stabled several of her horses at a farm southwest of Appleton.  Joyce, who was married then, drove out to the Schomisch farm from Hortonville several times a week that summer to exercise Cappy and the others.  Can you imagine her shock the first time she realized that she not only had to saddle, bridle and unsaddle her mounts, but she also had to curry and groom them?  Welcome to reality Joyce!

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After Estherbrook

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