Fun in the Sun or How to Keep Kool No Matter What the Weather!

During World War II, pin-up pictures became a popular item to help keep the servicemen’s morale up.  Notice that the fad stuck for a good many years after the war.

TOP LEFT:  As the pool was fairly close to the Glassnap home on Wisconsin Avenue, Joyce usually went swimming once or twice a day in the summer.  Her cousin, Carol Verhagen, came to visit them for a few days with her friend, June Van Remortel, when this picture was taken (probably 1945 - 1947).  Carol is on the left, Joyce is in the center and June is on the right.

TOP RIGHT:  No problem cooling off that day.  What teens won’t do to create a sensation!  Joyce was probably a Junior in high school at this time (about 1950).  When hubby saw it years later he said, “She might have been pretty, but nobody ever said she was smart”.

CENTER:  Joyce went out to Waverly Beach to get an early tan with her good friend Georgia Damon, probably in the spring of 1950.  The water was cold, but not too cold for a quick dip.  Fortunately, the sun was warm that day.  This was before she gained all the weight from lazing around the summer of 1950.

BOTTOM LEFT:  The quick dip!  The Polar Bear Club had nothing on us.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  This was taken at the end of the summer between Joyce’s Junior and Senior years.  She spent such a lazy summer that she gained to an unheard-of 118 pounds!  She needed a new swimsuit!

ABOVE:  Joyce covers the “no” of the “No Parking” sign and proceeds to park.  This was long before she became LDS and didn’t know anything about dress standard or she would have chosen a different pattern when she made the sun suit.

BELOW:  Joyce sits on a car Georgia borrowed from her boy friend for an outing with the girls.  No boys allowed! 

In the Waverly Beach pictures to the right, Georgia and Joyce went out alone and had the entire beach to themselves.  No one in their right mind would have gone swimming with water that cold.

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Fun In The Sun

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