Good Friends

Not only the exercise girls became good friends at the farm, but they became friends with the horses, as well.  One time Joyce and Cappy got more chummy than expected.  Alvin inadvertently locked her in Cappy’s box stall when he went to lunch.  At first, Cappy was a bit mystified at why she didn’t leave.  Then he became a bit skittish when she started yelling at the top of her lungs to attract attention, so she stopped that.  As time went by, she got tired and sat down in the corner.  He got a bit spooked at that too.  Initially, sitting on the floor with a big horse looming over her in that close quarters gave Joyce an insecure feeling, but after talking it over, they both settled down.  They grew more comfortable with sharing the stall as the first hour passed.  It was getting on close to two hours before Alvin came back.  Both horse and rider were very happy to have have their accustomed space when she finally left.

UPPER LEFT:  Joyce and Cappy.

BOTTOM LEFT:  Charlotte Darling and Nancy Harriman after a lesson in the ring.

CENTER:  Charlotte and her Boots.

RIGHT:  Punch with Joyce Glassnap up.

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Good Friends

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