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School Days

LEFT: Albert E. Glassnapp during his hiking days.  Note the snake in his hand on the left.  Note the smirk on his face on the right.  He later recalled his hikes as his happiest memories.

Albert was quite a gymnast and tumbler in his youth.  Naturally, recess was a favorite time in grade school but he liked all his subjects.  The school was about five blocks from the Glassnapp’s home and come sunshine or waist-deep snow drifts, they had to walk to school because there were no school busses.  There was always school in the bad weather, no matter how deep the snow drifts got.  Some of the teachers might not get there until late morning or afternoon, but they usually made it eventually.  Attendance was always light under those conditions, but the school was always open and ready for business...usually monkey business on blizzard days.

LEFT CENTER:  Albert E. Glassnapp is seated in the front row, center.  His brother Henry John Glassnapp, is seated in the front row on the extreme right. 

LEFT BOTTOM:  Albert is standing on the extreme left and his brother, Henry, is standing second from the right.

School Days

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