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Hank, Albert and Girlie

UPPER LEFT:   Henry John Glassnapp, Son of  Henry August Glassnapp.  The house in the background is their home on Wisconsin Avenue in Appleton. A window would be constructed just to the left of Hank’s right shoulder when they remodeled in 1929.

UPPER RIGHT:  Albert Edward Glassnap with the same house in the background.  The boys must have been in their late teens or early twenties on these pictures which would have been before the last remodeling in 1929.

LOWER LEFT:  Girlie, a favorite cat that belonged to Henry and Eliza Glassnapp’s family.  There’s a story in their history about young Albert and Girlie.  Read about her misadventure with the old cook stove in their family history.  Poor little fur baby!

Holidays and circus days were usually celebrated with a parade!  When the circus came to town, Albert and his friends hired on to feed and water the animals.  In the left, top picture, Albert is in the sailor cap between the two camels.  Below left, his friends pose in front of the circus wagons and tents.  The fourth of July was a very patriotic time.  In the pictures on the right, Uncle Sam is warming up for the parade with his old-time bicycle.

Albert’s Bachelor Days

White shirt, tie and sweater seemed to be the dress of the day for casual wear when going out.  Suits were often worn on dates.  Albert loved his caps for casual dress as well as for knocking about.  Except for work, hunting and fishing, he seemed to wear the white shirts much more than what is in vogue today.  It appears, in the left picture, that his trousers were neatly mended.  Money might have been tight, but he could still dress neatly.

Albert at Camp Douglass, Wisconsin

He was in the US Army and National Guard encampment at Camp Douglass, Wisconsin with Wisconsin’s Red Arrow Division.  This was between the two world wars, in July of 1927.  He was too young to serve in “The Great War” and he wasn’t drafted in World War II because he was married and had a child. 

The Old Pump

TOP LEFT:  Albert Glassnap taking aim behind his home.  He’s standing next to the old pump.

TOP RGHT:  A good picture of the Glassnapp pump with Albert’s gun leaning against it.  Later years, when it wasn’t used too much it had to be primed to pump water from the well.  The old shed can be seen through the trees in the background.  His mother’s stand of rhubarb can be seen at the right of the pump.  This is the real thing, folks!  Grandma’s famous and well-traveled rhubarb.

Hank & Albert

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