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Glasnap Marriages

All of the sons of Johann and Brigitta Glassnapp married.  Henry August married Eliza Beth Bley in Mackville, Wisconsin on February 11, 1896.  Herman Married Katie Hartmann in Appleton, Wisconsin on May 17, 1904.  John Jacob married Anna McGough in Minonk, Illinois on May 28, 1916.  George Christoph married Clementine Rank in Appleton, Wisconsin on November 24, 1920.  Albert Ferdenand married Cecelia Maylahn in Appleton, Wisconsin on March 20, 1924.  Edward Adolph married Elizabeth Bodoh in Appleton, Wisconsin on June 16, 1926.  Most of the sons changed the spelling of Glassnapp through the years, which accounts for the spelling variations.  In the original German records it was usually spelled Glasenapp.  It was usually spelled Glassnapp in the early American records, then shortened to Glassnap, Glasnapp or Glasnap, the last being the most common.  These pictures of the couples have survived.

TOP PAGE:  George and Clementine (Rank) Glasnap’s wedding picture.  Clem wears a lovely hand-sewn gown of white satin with a dress-length veil, accented at the temples by roses.  She chose to hold her rosary and prayer book in this picture while her bridesmaid holds her bridal bouquet.  Notice her pince-nez eyeglasses without temples, which are held in place by a spring which grips the nose.  They were very popular for many years.

ABOVE LEFT:  John with his beautiful wife, Anna (McGough) Glasnapp.  Notice her full-length skirt and the high-fashion white spats made of heavy cloth, which cover her insteps and ankles.  See the lovely, carved wood chair.  A Madonna and Child picture hangs on the traditionally papered wall behind them.  The paper seems to be identical to one pattern in the old Glassnapp  farm home.  Perhaps this picture was taken there.

ABOVE RIGHT:  Edward and Elizabeth (Bodoh) Glasnap’s wedding picture.  For her marriage, Elizabeth chose a calf-length white dress trimmed with rows of lace ruffles and she wears a white hat instead of a veil.  She holds her lovely bridal bouquet, which is accented with long satin ribbons and an abundance of ferns. 


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