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NEXT PAGE:  Brigitta’s son, Edward Glasnap is the subject in all of these pictures.   He was quite a shutterbug in those days.  TOP LEFT:  Ed was in his World War I uniform in this picture.  He served overseas in France.  This gives an excellent look at Brigitta’s lovely Christmas tree and her long lace curtains.  Note again, the high ceiling and pictures.  The floor covering in this room appears to be made of loomed rag rugs.  TOP RIGHT:  Ed sits in the wicker rocker, reading his book.  Brigitta’s lace curtains are draped behind him next to a picture of Fr. Krieger, a late nineteenth century parish priest of St. Edward’s of Mackville, Outagamie Co. Wisconsin.  BOTTOM LEFT:  Note the Persian rugs over hardwood floors, the heavy paneled door and the abundance of pictures.  The wallpaper in this room is interesting.  It has scenic views in the center of the decorative motifs.  The heavy brocade draperies that hung in the wide doorway were typical of the period.  These heavy draperies could be closed to conserve the heat in one room when needed.  BOTTOM RIGHT:  Ed sits with a friend on a paisley print settee.  The wallpaper is of a traditional pattern and there is a Persian-type rug on the floor. 

Grandma Brigitta Glassnapp

Take a peek inside of Grandma Brigitta’s farm home.  The pictures on these two pages give us a precious glimpse of what the Glassnapp’s house looked like from the inside.  The furnishings are very typical of the era.  They provide a rare walk back into a time period that is long since gone and nearly forgotten.  Enjoy!

THIS PAGE, TOP:  Grandma Brigitta is sitting in her wicker rocker.  Some fresh flowers from her garden grace her table, accented by a lovely cut-glass vase.  She looks very proud of her beautiful flowers.  A wall mount container for Holy Water  appears to be peeking out from under the bouquet.  The wallpaper behind them is very typical of that period.

BOTTOM:  Her son, George was married November 24, 1920 to Clementine Rank.  George is to the left of his bride with a boutonniere in his lapel.  His brother, Henry, is standing in the back by the picture, and Henry’s two sons, Hank and Albert, are sitting directly forward of him.  Hank is sitting to the right of Clementine and Albert is in the front row in the center.  The high ceiling rose two or three feet higher than the top of the door. 

Grandma Brigitta

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