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After George married, Grandma Brigitta Glasnap built a new house for them on her Center Township property in Outagamie County, Wisconsin where the three of them moved in together, Grandma Brigitta, George and Clementine.  Grandma lived with them for a year or so, then built another home in Appleton, where she moved in with her youngest son, Edward.  After her death in 1923, Ed inherited the city home on Eighth Street, Albert inherited the old farmhouse and eighty of the 160 acres.  George got the new house, the other eighty and the original 2 1/2 acres where the little log cabin had one time been.  The three boys that stayed home with her and worked the farm are the ones that inherited the property.  This is a picture of the George Glasnap farm, showing the third farmhouse that Grandma Brigitta built in Center Township.  The original 2 1/2 acres is directly across the road from the house and can be seen in the lower right corner of the picture.

Visitors to the George Glasnap Farm in Center

The relatives loved to visit the George Glasnap farm.  George and Clementine were exceptionally friendly and jolly people, and their hospitality was open to all their relatives on both sides of the family, just as Grandma Brigitta’s was.

TOP LEFT:  The caption on the back of this photo was “The bell that was fixed by two sheiks”, dated August 12, 1926.  That was the era when “sheik” was a popular slang term for a macho male because of Lawrence of Arabia and Rudolph Valentino (a popular movie star who played a romantic, irresistible sheik).  First up on the ladder to fix the dinner bell was Joe Brieske, one of George’s Chicago cousins (son of Veronica Rohloff Brieske) and behind him is Fred Schroeder (husband of Joe’s sister, Rose Brieske Schroeder).  The Brieskes and the Schroeders were close friends as well as relatives.

BOTTOM LEFT:  This is a good picture of the George Glasnap barn also taken August 12, 1926.

BELOW:  Clementine’s relatives, Mrs. Mae and son, are sitting in the old cutter that Grandma Brigitta Glasnap used to take to town.  They’d hitch up one of their horses to it, wrap their legs in layers of blankets and take hot bricks along to keep their feet warm when they’d drive into Appleton in the winter.  This photo was taken in 1930.  They probably still used it when the snow was too deep for the cars.

George Glasnap

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