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Weekend Gatherings

The Glasnaps loved to gather with friends and family on holidays and weekends to socialize and enjoy some lazy days in the summer sun.

TOP:  A picnic was held in New London, Wisconsin with both family and friends in 1920.  Albert Glasnap is on the left.  Clementine Glasnap has the bottle in her hand with George sitting behind her.  His nephews, Hank and Albert are seated next to the man on the right.

CENTER:  This was another Glasnap gathering in 1920.  Probably at a neighboring farm.  Ed is on the left.  George is sitting in front of the arbor with his wife, Clem, standing next to it on the right.  Young Albert and Hank Glassnapp are sitting on the right.

BOTTOM:  Fishing in Black Creek, which ran through the George Glasnap farm.  Left to right: Clem Glasnap with her sister and brother-in-law, and George Glasnap is on the right.  Their farm is in the background.  What lazy fun! (1923)

BELOW:  Clementine Glasnap with her arm around her nephew,  Albert.  See their crops in the background.

Family Reunions

Sometimes family reunions were held at the various family homesteads of the boys in Outagamie County, Wisconsin with different branches of the family present.  The two top pictures were taken about 1936.

TOP:  Standing (left to right) George Glasnap of Center, Outagamie County, Wisconsin; Henry Glassnapp of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Agnes (Rohloff) Brieske of Chicago, Illinois (their aunt); Rita Geng (grand-daughter of Agnes Brieske); Frank Geng (son-in-law of Agnes); Elizabeth (Bodoh) Glasnap (wife of Ed Glasnap); and probably Ed Glasnap.  Seated (left to right) either Anna (McGough) Glasnapp (wife of John Glasnapp) or Hedwig (Brieske) Geng (daughter of Agnes) and Jerome Geng, son of Frank and Hedwig (Hattie) Geng.

CENTER:  (left to right) Henry Glassnapp (of Milwaukee), John Glasnapp (of Pontiac, Illinois), and George Glasnap (of Center, Wisconsin).

BELOW:  This is a good picture of the George Glasnap home in Center with the Joe Brieske and Fred Schroeder families (Chicago relatives) and the George Glasnap Family.  It is captioned the “Schroeder, Brieske and Schnapsglass bunch”.  This was Clementine Glasnap’s favorite combined German and Pig Latin nickname for Glasnap (rough translation: shot glass).  Dated August 12, 1926, the same date as those on the previous page.

Henry Visits George at his Farm in Center

From time to time, Henry Glassnapp would visit his brother , George, on the farm.  It was probably a refreshing way to spend holidays or short vacations after working in a factory in Milwaukee for so long. 

TOP LEFT:  (left to right) George Glasnap, Henry Glassnapp, Elsie Schemmel (friend), Clem Glasnap (wife of George), Mrs. Schertz (friend), and Elizabeth Glasnap (wife of Edward Glasnap who probably took the picture).

TOP RIGHT:  Henry wields a hammer as he climbs up the ladder to fix something.  Clem Glasnap reclines on the hood of the car while Mrs. Schertz sits behind the wheel.  Look at that jalopy, slightly modified!  Somebody must have done some racing.  They certainly had their fun on the farm.  Later years Clem always said, “Those were the happy days!”

BOTTOM LEFT:  Three Brothers relax in 1924, chewing on apples from the old apple tree.  (left to right) Henry, George and Ed Glasnap are standing by the old binder.  This was a type of self-binding reaper which enabled them to cut and bind the grain in one operation.  Earlier models used wire to bind the grain but bits of wire caught among the grain and ruined too many millstones.  The twine binder was invented in 1875, and offered a far superior alternative.

BOTTOM CENTER AND RIGHT:  Henry visited the farm on August 6, 1931.  He is shown here with Lady, a new seven-week-old filly.  Henry always loved horses and animals.  It must have been very gratifying to spend some time with them again

Joanne, daughter of John

Joanne (Glasnapp) Fienhold

John, Anna & Joanne Glasnapp With Ed Glasnap

In the upper left photo, John and Henry are young, unmarried men in Outagamie County, Wisconsin.  In the upper right, John, his wife, Anne, and daughter, Joanne, are enjoying a visit from John’s brother, Ed, at their Pontiac, Illinois home in May of 1930.  They are standing by their old cistern pump, which they used for soft, rain water to wash their hair.  John’s daughter, Joanne, is the subject in the two bottom photos, 1993 and an earlier year.  The teddy bear picture is a classic with her popular sailor suit and hair bob.  Joanne sent most of these photos and several of the others.  Thank you, Joanne!

John and Henry Glassnapp

Gatherings & Reunions

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