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Charles Henry and Emma’s first child, Lillie Amalia Ella Krieser was born to them on April 2, 1892 in Dupont, Wisconsin.  Lillie spelled her name “Lily” and shortened it to “Lil” as she grew older.

ABOVE:  Lily Krieser’s Confirmation Photograph.  Note the lovely heirloom dresses that Emma made for her girls (1906).

LEFT:  Lil wears a lovely white wedding gown and veil and looks almost like a China doll on her wedding photograph


Lily Krieser and her Marion Choral Club clown around in a band skit.  Lil is in the center of this photo

Lil (left) and her choral club pose as bathing beauties in a chorus line.  Look at those suits! They were the latest fashion rage then.

Lily was married to Cy Maes on 15 November 1915.  Lil was a tiny little woman, under 5 feet by several inches.