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Belva Hanna was born on July 19, 1896.  In later life she called herself Belva Joan Krieser. Little Belva took Charlie's heart completely.  Her personality was very much like his.


Belva driving the sleigh.

LEFT:  Belva stands holding her one-eyed pony, Babe.  Babe had had an accident before the Kriesers got her.  Charlie had purchased the pony for the children and they were at a church picnic when they found out that their dad had bought it for them.  Belva was in high school at the time and could run faster than the rest of the children so she got home first.  She always claimed Babe for herself and the rest of the kids had to stand their ground to ride her.  Belva would let them ride only if she could go along and hold the reins.  As her sister, Rose, put it later, “She always had to be the boss of everything!”  A neighbor girl is up in this photo.

This photograph of Belva was taken in the late forties or early fifties