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Charles H. Krieser was the son of Karl Fr. Wm. Krieser and Johanna Henriette Friederike Dubke.  Charles’ birth name was Carl Friedrich Emil Krieser but he went by the name of Charles Henry all of his adult life.  He was born in Hoffelde, Pommern, Prussia on January 14th, 1871.  The family immigrated to the United States together on the S. S. Main when Charles was only three years old.

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When Charles Henry was 21 years of age, he married Emma Frieda Leverenz..  She was the daughter of Friedrich Franz Theodor Leverenz and Johanna Sophia Friedericke Rohloff.  Emma was “sweet sixteen” at the time of their marriage.  Her parents were also German immigrants but she had been born in this country after their arrival here.

Charles & Emma