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These photos were taken the first week of June 1962, when we took a trip to Wisconsin.  Kurt had as much fun with his grandparents and Fritzie as they had with him.  Kurt was 10 months old at that time.  At one year, he could walk 3 to 5 steps but that was too slow for him.  He’d then drop down on his hands and knees and go to beat the blazes.  The reason he traveled was to get something that caught his interest.  That meant the fastest way he could get there--which at that point was on his hands and knees.  He could say DaDa and occasionally MaMa.  He could also say Doggie, but he got it mixed up with DaDa some.  He was one lively little imp.  He is in his sleeping-bag pajamas here.  He even learned to walk in that sleeping bag.  He’d stick his feet in the corners and away he’d go!  I called the top photo with his Grandpa Krieser “Two Peas In A Pod”.  The bottom photo with Grandma Esther was entitled “Grandma’s Boy”.

Three Generations of Kriesers

Carl Richard Krieser, Carl Fredric Krieser, and Kurt Richard Krieser

Photo taken about 1963