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Grandma Esther came to take care of  Kurt when Eric was born.  She might have taken the above photo of our family - all four of us.  In the colored photo, Eric is a bit older.  It was taken on our first trip to Wisconsin after his birth.  Eric and Fritzie got along just fine, as you can see.  Fritzie loved his blanket and thought it was a wonderful time to nap, too!  By the way, Karl Eric was at least the fifth in a long line of Carls (Karls) in the family: Karl Eric, son of Carl Fredric, son of Carl Richard, son of Karl Friedrich Emil (who used the name Charles in this country, the English equivalent of Karl), son of Karl Fr. W. Krieser, and maybe more!  Poor Grandma Krieser!  I’m sure that she had her hands full with Kurt.  She wasn’t used to such an adventurous youngster.  He loved to swing on his swing set and climb trees and do all of the things that little boys love to do.  Her children had never done those things--at least not in front of her so she could see them.  She nearly died of apoplexy when she saw him going up the peach tree.  As you can see, it was not a large tree and he had been taught never to let go with one hand until he had a sure grip onto a solid branch with the other.  But we had to tame him down a bit after I got home until she left.  Funny, funny!

Karl Eric Krieser