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Dad Krieser & Fritzie

Fritzie was our dog when we lived in Green Bay, but the folks offered to keep him until we got settled when we moved to Kansas City.  Ha!  Fat chance of our ever getting him back!  Dad Krieser would take him to the north woods when he went up there.  Once when they were in the woods together, Fritzie kept running back over the bridge and wouldn’t stay with Dad.  He kept hauling him back but then it occurred to him--BEAR!  So Dad high-tailed it over the bridge with Fritzie and stayed away from the bear side of the bridge too.  Good idea!  Photos were taken in July of 1959.

UPPER AND LOWER LEFT:  You can see what fun they had relaxing in the woods in these photos.  What a lazy bunch!

BELOW:  This one was taken in their cabin at Paulding, Michigan.  Dad is holding Fritzie and his good friend, Ed Murdo, stands behind him.  The other fellow is not identified.  It’s not known if Mother Krieser took the picture or if she didn’t go along that time.  She often went along to do the cooking and fry the fish.  She hated fish but she was a good sport about frying them for the men.  Then she’d turn a minus into a plus and fix something for herself that they didn’t care for--like asparagus.

Fritzie, Before and After

Here are two more Fritzie photos--before and after Mother and Dad Krieser took him.  The top one was taken in September of 1957, when we still had him.  It’s not a good photo but you can see how slim and trim he is on it.  He was a very busy dog, digging in the garden and piling shoes up in the house when we left him alone.  In the bottom one, taken in March of 1959, it appears that he had gained a bit around the girth.  He was WELL fed by the grandparents.  You’d almost think we had starved him by comparison.  Hum-m-m-m!