Joyce’s High School Years.

Her Friends and Relations

Inasmuch as Joyce is the author of this mini-history (that’s me, folks), I decided it was fair game to poke a little fun at myself and friends at this point.  It’s interesting to note in these pictures, about 9th through 12th grades, how the degree of “sophistication” increased with age.  One might even suspect that we tended to “take on airs” as we neared our senior year.

UPPER LEFT:  One of Joyce’s best friends, Georgia Damon, swings a bat in Joyce’s front yard.  You can see the high outside stairs that led to the upper apartment where Joyce lived above her Grandma Glassnap.  Her dad had hung a long swing from the top landing when she was little.  It surely went high.  What fun it was to play on it.

UPPER RIGHT:  Tomboy, Joyce, was still young enough to clown around as she stands on her head at the baseball park.  Seeing the Appleton Papermakers’ games with Nancy Harriman was a favorite summer pastime during high school.

CENTER LEFT:  Joyce (right) sits on the Appleton High School steps with Nancy (a very “down-to-earth” person who was not frivolous like the rest of us).

CENTER RIGHT:  Joyce Larsen, Joyce Glassnap and Nancy Harriman are at one of the horsy socials.  We all rode together at Estherbrook Farm.  Larsen’s advanced grace and poise here show that she was a year ahead of us in school, probably a senior that year.

BOTTOM LEFT:  Here we’re the seniors and we can match Joyce Larsen in grace, poise and charm.  A bit affected, perhaps, but we thought we were pretty “Kool Kittens”.  Georgia sits at the left and Joyce is standing.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  Joyce (left) sits on her dad’s Mercury and her cousin Darlene Verhagen (who is a year plus older than Joyce) strikes a model’s pose on the right.  We were sophisticates!

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Joyce’s High School Years

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