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Harold Meets His Match

When Harold Aldrich, Emma and Bert’s oldest son, met Stella Brockman, he knew he had found a jewel.  Stella was a secretary when he met her, and a very talented lady.  She was pretty, a bit on the shy side, and she wrote beautiful poetry.  He soon lost his heart to her.

TOP LEFT:  Harold Wesley Aldrich, son of Charles Wilbur and Emma (De Keyser) Aldrich, dressed in a smart 3-piece suit, including a handkerchief in his pocket.

BOTTOM LEFT:  Stella Brockman, Harold’s sweetheart.

BOTTOM CENTER:  Harold and Stella during their dating years.  He looks so handsome in his white cap and trousers and Stella’s gown is so feminine.  It’s no wonder he fell in love with her.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  Even in more casual dress, Harold still wears a white shirt and tie.  This was standard dress for going out in public in those days.

Harold W. and Stella (Brockman) Aldrich

Married June 19, 1937

De Pere, Wisconsin

Harold Aldrich Marries