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Emma Aldrich With Her Older Daughters, Alma and Estella

Emma’s two oldest daughters, Alma (Aldrich) Verhagen and Estella (Aldrich) Glassnap, were the first two of her children to provide her with grandchildren.  Alma had married young, and her older children were very close in age.  By the time this picture was taken, in about 1935, George and Alma Verhagen had had seven of their eight children.  Their sixth child, Estella Eilene, had died shortly after birth.  She was named after Alma’s two sisters, Estella and Cecil Eilene.  Compared to her two sisters, Estella married rather late in life at age 27.  She had had only the first of her two children, Joyce, when this picture was taken.  Three of the pictures on the next page were taken the same day as this.  Although Estella lived in Appleton, Wisconsin, which was about 25 miles distance from De Pere, she and her husband, Albert Glassnap, made the trip back to see her family at least weekly and often two or three times in a week, so they stayed in close contact.  The two families always remained very close.

Emma’s Girls and the New Generation of Posterity

From Depression to Early World War II

TOP LEFT:  Emma Aldrich and her daughter Stella Glassnap with three of Emma’s grandchildren: Carol Verhagen, Joyce Glassnap, and Darlene Verhagen. (1935)

BOTTOM LEFT:  Darlene Verhagen with her cousin, Joyce Glassnap and her sister Carol Verhagen.

TOP RIGHT:  Emma Aldrich (right) with three of her children, (L to R) Harold Aldrich, Alma Verhagen and Stella Glassnap, and four grandchildren, Darlene, Merlin and Kenny Verhagen (on top) and Joyce Glassnap. (1941)

CENTER RIGHT:  Albert Glassnap, Wilbert , Kenny and George Verhagen and Eugene (Beans) Duprey who lived across the hall from Emma and was a good friend. (1942)

BOTTOM CENTER:  Eunice Verhagen when she stayed with the Glassnaps while going to school in Kaukauna.  Those were very happy years with Eunice there. (1942)

BOTTOM RIGHT:  Alma, Eunice, Carol and Kenny Verhagen. (1943) All dates are approximate.

Emma & Family