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LOWER LEFT:  William (Earl) and Cecil (Aldrich) Moudry.

LOWER CENTER:  Harold W. Aldrich with his future wife, Stella Brockman.  They married June 19, 1937 when Harold was 26.

LOWER RIGHT:  Delbert Aldrich probably taken in the ‘30s or early ‘40s before Del went into the army during World War II.

Emma’s Children Leave The Nest

These pictures were all taken between about 1929 and the late thirties or early forties, while Emma lived in the apartment building that had once been a school-house on Fort Howard Avenue in De Pere.  The first four were all taken about 1929.

UPPER LEFT:  (L. to R.) Emma (De Keyser) Aldrich, her daughters, Alma (Aldrich) Verhagen and Estella (holding Alma’s girl, Carol Verhagen), and Emma’s sister-in-law, Ada Aldrich.

CENTER LEFT:  (L. to R) Albert Glassnap (Estella’s future husband), George and Alma Verhagen, and Emma Aldrich.  Estella and Albert were married in De Pere on July 30, 1932. 

CENTER RIGHT:  Emma Aldrich (center) with her daughters Estella (left) and Cecil (right).  Cecil was married May 13, 1929 (at the age of 15) to Earl Moudry, her first husband.

Emma’s Verhagen Grandchildren

Shown on this page are the grandchildren of Emma (De Keyser) Aldrich through about 1928.  Only her oldest daughter, Alma (Aldrich) Verhagen, had children during the ‘20s..

TOP LEFT:  Alma’s husband, George Verhagen, is in the middle of this group with his oldest daughter, baby Eunice, toddling at his knees.  George’s nephews, Fred and Joe Garsaw are on either side of him.

CENTER LEFT:  Grandma Emma Aldrich holds baby Merlin Verhagen while his older brother, Wilbert Verhagen, plays in front of Emma, about 1925.

BOTTOM LEFT:  Alma and George Verhagen are shown with their four oldest children.  Baby Merlin is being held by Cecil Aldrich.  Wilbert, Melvin and Eunice are just toddlers, standing in front of their parents.  The picture was taken about 1925, probably the same day as the one above.

TOP RIGHT:  Emma Aldrich holds her granddaughter Carol Verhagen, while Melvin, Wilbert and Merlin Verhagen stand in front.  Picture taken about 1927.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  The four oldest Verhagen children, Wilbert, Eunice, Melvin and Merlin (in front).  Picture taken about 1928 (possibly 1927).

The Verhagen family continued to grow in the 1930s.  These pictures were all taken in the first half to the middle period of that decade.  All dates are approximate, give or take a year or so.

UPPER LEFT:  Darlene Verhagen was the latest addition to the family during this period of time.  Alma is holding her in this shot, taken in about 1934.  Clockwise from Darlene is Melvin, Carol, Merlin, Wilbert and Eunice Verhagen.

CENTER LEFT:  The three Verhagen boys are working in the garden while Darlene plays in the background.  Left to right, Merlin, Melvin and Wilbert weed away while Darlene digs in the dirt.  Their father, George, always had a huge garden and Alma canned to stock the pantry shelves full for the winter.  George was very proud of his garden and they meticulously took care of it.  The picture was taken about 1935.

LOWER LEFT:  George Verhagen poses for this picture with his three sons (L. to R.) Melvin, Wilbert and Merlin. taken about 1936.

LOWER RIGHT: Darlene poses with her “Aunt Stella” Brockman, future wife of Alma’s brother Harold Aldrich, as she visits at the Verhagen home about 1936.  Darlene has long, blond, “Shirley Temple” pipe curls and is cute as a bug.

Family Photos From The ‘30s