Albert would often take Estella’s family along with them for outings on their dates.  No one in Estella’s immediate family had a car, so it was a welcome event when they could all go together for a picnic or trip.  About 1927 or 1928 a large group of friends and relatives went together for an outing in the park.  Perhaps Avie De Keyser or one of their friends also had a car because there were at least eight of them in the group that day, which would be a big group even for Al’s big touring car. 

TOP LEFT: (L to R) Back row; Cecil’s friend, Cecil, Stella and Albert.  Front row; Avie De Keyser (Stella’s cousin), another friend and Harold Aldrich, Stella’s brother. 

TOP RIGHT:  Albert is standing on the left with the dapper striped sweater and Avie De Keyser is sitting on the right.  Emma Aldrich (Stella’s mother), Stella and Cecil are reclining on the grass in front. 

UPPER MIDDLE (RIGHT):  Harold is standing on the left.  Seated (L to R), Emma, Stella  and Albert. 

About 1929 Albert took Stella and her family to Bear Trap Falls on the Wolf River for an outing. 

LOWER MIDDLE (RIGHT):  Emma Aldrich with two of her daughters, Estella and Cecil enjoying Bear Trap Falls. 

BOTTOM LEFT:  (L to R) Cecil, Earl Moudry (her fiance or husband at that time), Estella next to Albert and Delbert Aldrich, Estella’s youngest brother in front.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  Earl, Cecil, Delbert, Stella and Al.  The fisherman is probably not part of their group. 

Outings With Stella’s Family

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Family Outings