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Grandma Through The Years

UPPER LEFT:  Eliza Glasnap, Estella Aldrich Glassnap and Joyce Glassnap (in the buggy) about 1933.

CENTER LEFT:  Eliza, Joyce and Estella about the summer of 1935.

LOWER LEFT:  Estella, Joyce and Eliza about 1941.

ABOVE:  Beloved Grandma Eliza.

A Fruitful Bough By A Well

Grandma had an abundance of fruitful character traits that nourished me as a child.  Here are just a few of them:

She spoiled me a little, made me feel special when she gave me a nickel for an ice cream cone or a candy bar.

She had a way of settling me down when I got rambunctious: “Just sit and content yourself,” she’d tell me as we’d sit down and rock on the porch swing or rocking chair together.

As I was an only child then, she offered me needed companionship and friendship as we talked together or went visiting relatives.

She sparked within me a love for my heritage and family as she told me stories of the “olden days”.

She comforted me when nothing but her big, soft lap and the rocking chair would help to soothe the tears away.  As I reflect on her hard life, I am blessed by her quiet love and faith, her courage, fortitude and perseverance.  I was indeed blessed because of her.  I pray I can do as well for my children and grandchildren.  (By Joyce Glassnap Krieser)

These pictures were taken in the summer of 1953 when Grandma was eighty-five years old.  We were living in Wausau, Wisconsin at the time, and she came with the rest of the family to visit us in our trailer home.  We went to Rib Mountain that day and Grandma hiked a good way down the path and back up before these pictures were taken.  She sure was a spry one for her eighty-five years.

TOP:  Eliza Bley Glasnap with her two sons, Albert (on the left) and Henry (right).

RIGHT:  My dear grandmother, Eliza Bley Glasnap.


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