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Hunting and Fishing

TOP LEFT:  Albert Glassnap with his shotgun on a hunting trip.  Look at that “hot rod”!  At least it got him there.

BOTTOM LEFT:  (left to right) Albert Glassnap with his hound, Jo Jo; Clarence Voight with his beagle pup; John Lappen.  They were on a hunting trip in logging territory near Wabeno, Wisconsin between the Christmas and New Year holidays in 1931.  John had relatives there that put them up for a night or two.

TOP RIGHT:  Albert is on the left with his fishing buddies and their big catch of fish.  Sometimes he’d fish on Lake Winnebago near Appleton; sometimes he’d fish on the Fox or Wolf Rivers.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  (left to right) Albert Glassnap, Clarence Voight, a Bruce fellow (who was a relative of John Lappen where they stayed) and John Lappen.  Wow!  Did they catch the rabbits along those old lumber camp trails.  A lot of people liked wild rabbit in those days.  They ate a lot more wild game than we do today.

Hunting And Fishing

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