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Henry John Glasnap

Son of Henry August Glasnap

Henry John Glasnap, known as Hank by most of his friends, was a special uncle.  He was an exceptionally generous person and was always buying things for other people or giving things to others that he thought they would like.  His gifts were usually very appropriate.  Things that were wanted or needed by the person he gave them to.  He showed a great deal of sensitivity to the tastes of the individuals he was buying for.  He always enjoyed socializing with the family.  Henry was born on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1903, in Appleton, Wisconsin.  He worked all of his working years for Scoldy Locks Hairpin Factory and demonstrated exceptional skill at his job.  He didn’t marry until after his mother, Eliza Bley Glasnap, died so he never had children.  Before her death, he lived most of his life with her in the family home on Wisconsin Avenue in Appleton with the exception of a few years when he stayed on the farm with his uncle Albert Glasnap as a teen, and several years during World War II when he served in the Army in Texas.  After her death in 1956, he lived in a mobile home (which he purchased from his niece, Joyce Glassnap Krieser) for several years.  After his marriage to Margaret Hill Grayer, on December 6, 1958, he purchased a small home from his brother, Albert, on Fair Street in Appleton.  He and Margaret lived there together until her death.  He continued on in the home until his health became a problem and then moved to a nursing home in Kaukauna near his step-daughter, Norma.  His step-children were all very good to him and were a great blessing in his life.  He died August 20, 1982.

TOP:  Henry is on the right with his step-son, Harry Hitter.

BOTTOM:  Henry is on the right with his step-daughter, Norma Surin.

Both pictures were taken in August of 1977.

Henry John Glassnap

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