TOP LEFT:  Albert Glassnap’s grandson, Kurt Krieser, takes time out to give Sport a little love and a pet.  She was a very gentle, affectionate dog.  After Albert’s death, Joyce found a good home for her but she lived less than six months after Albert died.  She died of cancer and no one knew she had it until about a month or two before she died.  Her new owners mourned her loss terribly.

TOP RIGHT:  This picture of Rex was taken in October of 1979.  He was a perky little fellow and a good pet for Albert, who became very attached to the little fur-baby.  He grieved so deeply after losing him, we wondered if it contributed to his heart attack.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  Little Bob, Albert’s last dog.  The morning after Albert’s death, Joyce went over to feed him and take him back home.  She stopped to tell one of Albert’s friends about his death and a young girl there said, “Oh, look! It’s Toto!”  She found a good home for him within a few days time, so he was well cared for.

Dad’s Dogs...  If you Live in Kansas, you need a cairn terrier, right?  To put it another way, if you live in the Land of Oz, you should have a Toto like Dorothy.  Dad had two cairn terriers while he was in Kansas as well as Sport, the dog that he took with him from Wisconsin.  She was a lovely husky-shepherd mix, a gift from Elaine Dawn when he was still up North.  About mid-1979, he decided he also wanted a little house dog to keep him company so he got Rex, his first little blond cairn terrier.  He had him for two or three years when he suddenly disappeared one night.  Dad thought someone stole him because he was such a cute little dog.  Dognapping was fairly common at that time.  People would steal a dog of good breeding and sell it.  He grieved terribly after loosing Rex.  He kept hoping he would come back, but when he didn’t, he bought little Bob, a darker brindled cairn that looked very much like Toto.  This was only two or three weeks prior to his death so he didn’t have him very long.  He was cute but nippy.  Unusual for a pup.
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Dad’s Dogs

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