Albert Moves to Kansas, The Land of Oz...  Estella (Aldrich) Glassnap died on September 29, 1972 in Appleton, Wisconsin.  Albert continued to live in their home on Chain Drive until December 27, 1975.  Without Estella to oversee the finances and pay the bills, Albert was at a loss.  He just couldn’t seem to pull it all together and before anyone knew what was happening, he had lost is home.  With the help of friends, neighbors and the good brethren from the Appleton Branch of the LDS Church, his furniture was temporarily stored and he was moved out on Joyce’s birthday of that year.  He must have felt like a tornado had hit him and dropped him in the land of Oz.  After he got over the initial shock, he seemed to adjust well to his new home in Kansas City, Kansas.

UPPER RIGHT:  Albert sits in his old Morse chair with his little dog, Rex, at his home in Kansas City, Kansas.

LOWER LEFT:  His daughter, Elaine Dawn, was visiting from Maryland when this picture was taken as his home.

LOWER RIGHT:  Albert enjoys Christmas with his daughter, Joyce Krieser, and her family.  His home was about five miles from theirs and he was able to eat dinner with them three or four times a week.  It was nice to have him that close.

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Albert Moves

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