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Victoria De Keyser

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Victoria Clemence De Keyser Marries Louis J. Devroey, June 14, 1905

UPPER LEFT:  Vic, in the early 1900s, displays the swaying grandeur of the Edwardian hour-glass silhouette of that day.  This was achieved by an S bend corset and elongated trumpet bell skirt sweeping into a modified train.  Flamboyant!

UPPER RIGHT:  Victoria’s wedding photo - Louis and Victoria Devroey with attendants, Edmond & Mary De Keyser.

LOWER LEFT:  Louie & Vic’s daughter & her family, Orville and Mildred (Devroey) Button with Beverly & Robert.

LOWER RIGHT:  Aunt Vic and Uncle Louie Devroey’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration.  Congratulations!

Out of town guests included some of Aunt Vic’s relatives shown in the photo above.  Left to right: Elaine Dawn Glassnap of Appleton, two unidentified boys, Cecil Aldrich Van Lanen of Appleton, Albert Glassnap of Appleton, Emma De Keyser Aldrich of De Pere, Estella Aldrich Glassnap of Appleton, Stella Brockman Aldrich of De Pere, Eva DeNamur Franc of Green Bay, and Victoria De Keyser Devroey, who lived in Milwaukee where the celebration was held.  Harold Aldrich also attended but was not in this photo.  These relatives traveled from 100 to 130 miles to attend the affair.  They didn’t have the opportunity to see Aunt Vic very often.  Emma & Vic were sisters.  The others were Emma’s descendants or their spouses except for Eva Franc, who was the daughter of Vic’s sister, Mathilda, who had died some years before this.  Vic was the youngest.

Victoria (De Keyser) Devroey Celebrates Her 50th Wedding Anniversary With Her Family, Relatives and Friends