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Jules De Keyser

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Jules De Keyser

Son of Walter De Keyser

UPPER RIGHT:  Jules and Emma (Bloomer) De Keyser, married in 1905.

LOWER RIGHT:  Jules’ sister, Victoria, and her husband Louis Devroey stood up for Jules and Emma.  The women look so lovely in their Gibson-Girl style gowns.  Jules and Emma had a family of ten children.

BOTTOM LEFT:  Amanda De Keyser, oldest daughter of Jules and Emma De Keyser. 

Because Jules and his sister, Emma (De Keyser) Aldrich were so close in age, their children were good friends also.  His oldest daughter, Amanda, and Emma’s second girl, Estella, were best friends as well as cousins.  One day they got caught in a downpour and were drenched.  It was quite cold out and Estella and Emma wanted Amanda to stay overnight so she could get out of her wet clothes and warm up.  But Emma did not have a phone and Amanda knew her parents would worry so she went on home in the cold.  She got sick and it turned into pneumonia.  She died from it and Estella was devastated to lose not only her cousin but her best friend as well at such a young age.  She was just in her teens.