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Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe and Aunt Rike Rohloff

Jochim Carl Friedrich Jacob Rohloff was a brother of Johanna Sophia Friedrich (Rohloff) Leverenz.  Johanna, called Mudda Leverenz by her posterity, was a very religious woman, and she wanted her daughter, Emma, to be confirmed in the Lutheran church.  Living out in the country as they did, this was not possible so her brother, Joe, and his wife, Rike, took Emma into their home in Appleton for two years so she could receive the necessary catechism lessons.  Rike Wichmann was from a very prominent family in Appleton and was a very refined lady.  The Wichmanns owned Appleton’s largest furniture store.  She taught Emma many beautiful needlecraft and sewing skills that Emma used for the rest of her life.  She made beautiful dresses for her own daughters as well as adornments for their home.  The upper left photo is Joe and Rike’s wedding photo in December, 1885.  The other two are later photos of the couple.