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In this photo of C.H. Krieser’s Sample Room, two modes of that day’s transportation can be seen, early automobiles and the horse and buggy.  Both modes were in common usage then.  Lily Krieser and her sister, Belva are serenely sitting in the buggy shaded by a large parasol.  The photo was reprinted in the September 1, 1988 edition of the Marion Advertiser for publication through the courtesy of Norman and Harold Gruenstern of Stephenson, Michigan.  Norman Gruenstern was then kind enough to give it to Carl F. Krieser, grandson of C. H. Krieser.  Many thanks to the Gruenstern family for sharing it with us

Charlie had grown up on a farm in Dupont, then he worked in the sawmill in Manawa for a number of years.  When he moved to Marion, Wisconsin he went into business for himself.  He became the tavern keeper in Marion, but the Krieser tavern was not an ordinary saloon.  It was a "Sample Room".  “Sample Room” certainly sounded a lot more dignified than “saloon” and their oldest daughter, Lil, was always a bit reticent about being known as the saloon keeper’s daughter.

The Sample Room

C.H. Krieser (front row, right) stands in his suit and derby hat smoking a big stogie cigar in his Sample Room. His Spanish bloodhound, Mosquito, is on leash. This is actually a double photo of Mosquito. It was a time-lapse shot so Mosquito tired and decided to lay down half way through.  Charlie had this massive 156 pound dog at his side in several photos.  He might have thought of him as a guard dog, but his children played with Mosquito like he was just a big Teddy bear.

This photo shows how the living quarters were attached to the C.H. Krieser Sample Room.  Carl Richard Krieser is sitting on a bench in the front with a friend.  The house on the extreme left side of the photo is “Fudda’s” house.  “Fudda” is the way they pronounced “Vater” in the family.  “Fudda” Leverenz was Emma Krieser’s father.  (About 1905 or 1906)

The Chas. H. Krieser Sample Room with Charles and his dog Mosquito in front.  Their attached home can be seen behind the Sample Room.  Emma’s wash is hanging on the line. 

Above is a postal card of the Krieser Sample Room showing the back of the card addressed to a cousin in Milwaukee.  The card was written by Charlie’s son, Carl, and after due consideration, was never sent.  Considering the labored handwriting, poor Emil was probably being unjustly blamed for not answering Carl’s previous correspondence.  Very probably the postman was not able to read the address (which was supposed to be 738 18th Avenue in Milwaukee).  Emil was the son of Herman Krieser and a cousin of Charles H. Krieser. The two families kept in touch for years until 1978, when Emil’s niece, Dorothy, died.

The Sample Room