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Ruth Margaret Krieser

UPPER LEFT:  Ruthie is in her smocked satin coat with the flashy Tam O’Shanter on her head.  It has decorative cloth roses on it and an ornate bobble dangling down on her left side.  The vintage car and old Victorian house behind her are also relics of a day long past.  Photo about 1925.

LOWER LEFT:  Ruth stands in her Girl Scout uniform with bobbed hair.

CENTER:  She’s still in Girl Scouts but experienced a growth spurt between the photos.  Photos taken about 1931 and 1934, ages 10 & 13.

UPPER RIGHT:  Ruth’s high school graduation was in 1939.  Age 18.

LOWER RIGHT:  This was after she started working in the early 1940s.  Jippy is at her side. 

Ruth Krieser, 1939 Through the Early 1940s

UPPER LEFT:  This is Ruth’s high school graduation photo.  She graduated from Kimberly High in 1939.

UPPER RIGHT:  After graduation, Ruth worked for Lakeview Paper Company in Neenah, Wisconsin.  These photos reflect her recent prosperity that came from her job. She wears a new fur coat in this photo.  LOWER PHOTOS:  Ruth took a trip to California where she was able to enjoy all the usual tourist activities, a new California-style dress, picking fresh fruit from the tree, plus escaping Wisconsin’s winter.