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Photos of the 30’s

TOP:  Carl Junior is in his knickerbockers in front of their new house in Kimberly.  He hated those knickers and was most grateful when they were at the end of their popularity.  His dad stands next to him in his whites.  Little Jippy is sitting between them.

MIDDLE AND LOWER LEFT:  My but what happy campers!  They couldn’t have planned funnier photos if they had tried but evidentially they were upset.  Just look at those expressions!  Johnny McElroy is on the left in both photos with Carl Jr. on the right.  Mrs. McElroy is in the middle in the bottom one.  Even the ice cream didn’t melt their sour mood.

LOWER RIGHT:  Esther (Ruth) Krieser (right) and Elizabeth (Ruth) Feise, her sister, stand in front of Esther’s house in their fancy apparel.  Look at Esther’s dress and hat with the fancy bow and veil.  Elizabeth’s top hat and white gloves are great too.   How uptown can you possibly get?

The C.R. Krieser Family from about 1935-1940

UPPER LEFT:  Carl Jr. must have been on his way to the local pool.  The mill provided a lovely park with clubhouse, outdoor swimming pool and gymnasium.  Membership was about $2.00 a year and Junior got his money’s worth out of it.  Summers he swam almost daily.  The clubhouse was constantly in use by all of the kids, shooting baskets or just hanging out with friends.  Kimberly always had a top-notch basketball team.  Amazing for a small town!  The Harlem Globe Trotters even played the local team one year, putting on quite a show.

MIDDLE LEFT:  Carl Junior, about 1936.

LOWER LEFT:  The Kimberly Train Depot where Carl Senior worked.

UPPER RIGHT:  Esther Krieser at the Kimberly depot.  She looks so lovely in her pretty flowered dress and hat.

LOWER RIGHT:  Junior with Jean Haupt and Jippy.  The Haupts were friends of the family.  He is still in his ever-present knickers.  They were at the very end of their popularity then.  Most of the kids were from mill-working families and they all wore blue jeans.  Carl Senior didn’t work in the mill and most of their friends dressed in office clothes.  Junior was never allowed to wear jeans to school at this age, he never even wore long pants.

Late 1930s