TOP LEFT:  Beau Brummel, a horse of good breeding but stubborn, yet well mannered when he knew you meant business.

CENTER LEFT:  Fashionette Dare with her filly, The Captain’s Dare, at Black Creek, Wisconsin after Mr. Pfeil had closed the riding club.

BOTOM LEFT:  Joyce with the filly.  Nancy and Joyce had biked out there.

TOP RIGHT:  Flaxen, a gentle giant of about 17 hands high.  The once he got frisky and unexpectedly jumped a large puddle on a turn Joyce was unseated and wrung her knee.  Her dad said, “You’re going to have trouble with your knees when you get older”.  Father knows best.  He was right!

BOTTOM CENTER AND RIGHT:  (left to right) Joyce Glassnap (age 14) on Hero, a fantastic trotter; Nancy Harriman on Edgemore, a mean, stubborn pacer who bit and kicked; and Joyce Larsen on Legacy, a beautiful 5 gaited mare.

Mr. Pfeil’s Appleton Riding Club

More Horses and Riders from the Appleton Riding Club

UPPER LEFT:  Mr. Leo Hackl of Green Bay, Wisconsin riding his Nanny Mae Peavine.  He boarded her at Ed Pfeil’s Appleton Riding Club.  These three upper pictures were all taken in 1948.

CENTER:  Nancy Harriman on Penny. Penny is wearing a martingale, the strap attached from her noseband to her girth that passes between her forelegs.  This is used to keep her from rearing or throwing her head back and hitting the rider.  Only horses with those bad habits had a martingale attached as part of their harness.  Both Nancy and Gwen (right) were from Appleton, Wisconsin.

RIGHT:  Gwendolyn Dittmer is up on Big Shot, one of Mr. Pfeil’s private horses.  Gwen was a close friend of Mr. Pfeil and she usually exercised Big Shot for him while he rode Brandy, another of his private horses.

BELOW:  Mr. Pfeil sips on a cool drink as he talks with the Hackls and Harwoods on his last visit to Estherbrook farm.  He couldn’t bend his right leg after a riding accident years before.  They didn’t have the orthopedic methods we do now and the doctor had to fuse his knee in a somewhat straight position.  Mr. Pfeil rode with Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders at San Juan Hill in his earlier days.  When the weather was bad, he loved to put his riders through the old cavalry drills in the inside riding ring at his riding club.  Occasionally he’d give a riding exhibition and set everyone through their paces.

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The Riding Club

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