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Emma Aldrich’s Boys in Their Earlier and Later Adult Years

TOP LEFT:  Delbert Aldrich, Emma’s youngest son, was probably in his twenties in this photo.

BELOW:  When they were little, Emma often took her two younger children down to the Fox River fishing with her.  Delbert obviously never outgrew his love for fishing, and for that matter, his sister, Cecil, never did either.  This picture of Del was taken in June of 1981. 

More Early and Later Pictures

RIGHT:  Harold Aldrich belonged to the National Guard in this picture which was taken before his marriage (about 1933 or 1934) when he was in his early twenties.

BELOW:  The Aldrich boys remained friends through the years.  This picture was taken in October of 1976.  Delbert and his wife, Hazel, are on the left and Harold is with his wife, Stella, on the right.  The two couples saw each other quite a bit during this period of time.  Their children were all grown by then and they had more time to socialize with each other after the kids were all out of the nest.

Emma’s Boys