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October 3, 1956

ABOVE:  The cover of Emma Aldrich’s memorial card.  The rest of the card is shown on the next page.

RIGHT:  A memorial tribute with Emma’s obituary. 

Gone But Not Forgotten

Beloved Mother and Grandmother

ABOVE:  The center portion of Emma (De Keyser) Aldrich’s memorial card.  The Rebekah Lodge emblem is at the top on the left side.

LOWER LEFT:  This is a picture that was taken at her funeral.  It shows only a portion of the flowers that were sent from her many friends and relatives.  So many bore tribute in appreciation of her sweet spirit.

LOWER RIGHT:  The Aldrich family headstone.  Emma lies between her husband, Charles (Bert) and their son, William, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The above print was taken from a large wall portrait of Emma which probably dates back to her marriage years.  The heavy, darkened look of her eyes in this photo was the result of a poor retouch job, not cosmetics, as they often accentuated the eyes and surrounding features with a brushed-on wash.  Without retouching, the photo would not have had much detail but you can still make out the high-collared, white blouse which appears to have some lace on it.  It is water-stained from storage in the attic.  The age difference in the two pictures is very apparent, probably by at least twenty years.  Bert died when she was 25 years old and she was about 49 when the smaller photo was taken in 1929.  These light-and-dark portraits, contrasting the shadowed features against the light, were quite popular then.  There is a similar photo of Emma’s daughter, Estella, taken during this same period of time.

A Portrait Comparison of Emma Aldrich

Emma Aldrich Through The Years

Emma De Keyser Aldrich From Childhood Through Golden Years

Emma Remembered