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Dora Elizabeth

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On April 25, 1906, Elizabeth Ruth Married Charles O. Feise.  Charles was originally from Minnesota but he had a job as a division salesman of knitted goods in Des Moines, Iowa.  They bought a cabin on Lake Bertha in the Pequot Lake area of Minnesota and in the early days, company had to ride the mail boat to get there.  Later, roads were put in.  They had two sons, Karl and Kenneth, and although their home was in Iowa, they would drive up there every summer with their collie dog, who would run from one window to the next, not missing a thing along the way, to the great delight of their two sons.  Elizabeth was never one to worry about the little things.  Her granddaughter, Linda, said that there were always lots of moths about the place, but Elizabeth would tell them, “Don’t worry about the moths because they’ll be gone in the morning.”  She also said Elizabeth would put her false teeth in a jar of water at night, and this was the first time she had ever seen teeth come out of anyone’s mouth.  But Elizabeth was very open about it.  She never tried to hide anything from them.  Linda still bakes her Granny Elizabeth’s special  Christmas cookies.  After they were baked and cooled, she always put a powdered sugar and lemon frosting on them before decorating them.  Yum!  Although she didn’t think of it when she was little, she marvels now about Elizabeth’s devotion to the cabin.  Charles died when the boys were in their early teens, but she continued going to the cabin every summer.  It did not have an indoor bathroom.  Trudging to the outhouse couldn’t have been easy, but she was devoted to happy memories of Charles at the cabin.

Dora Elizabeth (Ruth) Feise