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Clara Anna (Ruth) Brady

Clara and some of her family are shown above.  Harold Brady, Clara’s husband, sits next to his oldest granddaughter, Joyce.  Laura, Clara’s daughter-in-law sits partially hidden between Joyce and Clara, as she was pregnant with Sally.  Laura’s three little children were very close together, about a year-and-a-half apart.

In true Ruth fashion, Clara was dearly loved by her family.  In fact, her daughter-in-law, Laura, said that she was grandma to everyone on their street.  Laura was her son, Franklyn’s, wife and she bore three little grandchildren for Clara.  Clara would come to their house on Saturday mornings and always relieve her of her heavy responsibilities so that Laura could have some time to herself.  Years later, the grandchildren would tease Laura that Grandma Clara would “drive her out of the house” on Saturdays.  On Thanksgiving Day, Clara would always make the turkey and pies.  “Come and enjoy!” was her invitation.  Her granddaughter, Sally, remembers that when she came home from work dead tired, she’d lay down on the couch for a nap  - and when she woke up, she was always covered by a special blanket that Clara would lay over her.  It was fleece on one side and a very soft satin on the other.  Another joy was that Clara’s grandson, Tom, was born on her birthday.  The loving care that she gave Laura and her grandchildren was greatly appreciated and has not been forgotten.