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The photo to the right shows Dad Krieser in his wheel chair at Delmar Gardens Nursing Home.  His daughter, Ruth, died September 17, 1986 and that took a great deal of strength out of him.  By this time, his foot was almost healed from the plastic surgery he’d had done.  He did not have to have the foot amputated, which was a big relief to all of us.  The plastic surgeon dismissed him the morning of October 22, but he died that night.  It almost seemed as though healing that foot was his last goal in life.  The cause of death was congestive heart failure.  Breathing was so difficult for him.  His funeral services were held in Clintonville, Wisconsin, and he was buried in Graceland Cemetery in Clintonville.  The bottom photo shows their gravestone in Graceland.  It was taken when they were both living.

Carl Richard Krieser Died in 1986 at Age 88

Carl R. Krieser Passes On