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Bobby Edwards Band

Robert Edward Wulterkins was a Kimberly High School student who came from Combined Locks, a little town right next to Kimberly.  When he started his band he didn’t want to use that long, complicated name, so in the tradition of the big bands, he decided to simplify it to the Bobby Edwards Band.  He might have given great consideration to naming his band but, in reality, nobody called him either Robert of Bobby.  Everybody called him “Skinks”.  How he got that nickname is anybody’s guess.  Carl played in his band for his four years of high school from 9th grade on, but it was not a high school band.  They played school dances and wedding dances from Kimberly, Little Chute, Combined Locks and beyond--usually on weekends.  All of the members except Carl were from Combined Locks but the boys lived on the side toward Kimberly so they went to Kimberly High School, and the girls were all from the other side of town and they attended Kaukauna High.  In the photo (left to right, Back row): Marvin Schumacher (called Muzz) on the drums, “Skinks” Wulterkins on trumpet, Carl Krieser on trumpet, Clyde Schumacher (nicknamed Shoos) on trombone.  The four girls sit on the front row but Carl can’t remember any of their names because they weren’t part of the Kimberly High group.  The first girl played tenor sax, the next two both had alto saxes and the last one played the piano.  This provided spending money throughout the high school years.

Kimberly High School Band

LEFT:  Carl stands at attention in his band uniform, holding his cornet.  Those uniforms were really spiffy, especially the hats.

RIGHT:  Carl is with two of his best friends in this photo.  Left is Bobby (Skinks) Wulterkins holding his trumpet, with Floyd Rosencrantz (Rosie) and his drum in the middle.  Carl is with his cornet.  He usually played baritone horn in the high school band but he has his cornet here.  Their fancy hats don’t show up against the light sky.  (1945)