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Carl R. Krieser Family Photographs

1945 to 1947

TOP LEFT:  Carl Junior, Ruth and Carl Krieser Sr. when young Carl was a junior in high school, about 1946.  They’re all in their Sunday best.  Esther was the family photographer so there are not as many photos of her but we did find some for the next page.

TOP RIGHT:  Ruthie and Carl Junior stand on a pier at Elcho Lake.  They used to drive there as a family ever so often on weekends before Ruth was married.  Photo taken in the fall of 1945.

BOTTOM LEFT:  Carl Junior in his junior year.  This was in the spring of 1946.  He looks so nice in his Sunday suit.  Esther made sure that he was always dressed neatly.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  Carl Junior was a senior in high school in this photo.  He’s taller next to Ruth than on the other photos.  Ruth is about 26 and Junior is 18 if it was after his April birthday.  Photo taken 1927.

TOP LEFT:  Esther at Elcho Lake.  She must have taken the photo of Carl and Ruth on the other page, and then we found this one of her.

TOP RIGHT:  This is a special photo of Esther with Jippy counting.  He was such a remarkable little dog.  He added, subtracted, multiplied and divided.  All sorts of simple math problems--as long as whoever was asking the questions knew the secret of his great talent.  Esther is looking him in the eye.  As long as you kept the eye contact he’d bark.  It looks like she has a treat coming out of her apron pocket.  He was an old dog here.  He died of old age in his creaky little doll bed.

BOTTOM LEFT:  Here she is with her husband, Carl Sr.  All three of these last photos were taken next to their lovely home in Kimberly, Wisconsin before they moved to Antigo, Wisconsin.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  She is with her two children, Ruth and Carl Junior.

Esther loved to dress up and hats were the dress-up code of that day.  The above photo must have been taken on a special day because she’s wearing a corsage.  She was always a very busy lady with her meetings and clubs.  But when she was home she wore comfortable dresses--always neat but more relaxed.  And she always wore an apron in the kitchen to keep her dresses clean.  If Jippy was around, he was always in the middle of the photo.  What a little ham he was!  He loved having his picture taken.  He was certainly an integral part of the family as so many of the family photos show.  He was a most unusual and amazing little dog--one in a million.

Esther, Carl Junior and Ruth Krieser