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1930 Nash 5-Passenger Sedan with Six Cylinder Engine -- the “400” Series

Their Oldsmobile, 1970 at Paulding Pond, Michigan

Probably a Mid-1920s Studebaker

Changing Car Styles Are Seen From the Mid-Twenties -1970

UPPER LEFT:  Esther and Carl are sitting in their Studebaker with disc wheels.  What a Box!

UPPER RIGHT:  Esther is standing beside their new Nash with Jippy.

MIDDLE LEFT:  This 1941 Plymouth is at their Kimberly home.

MIDDLE RIGHT:  Carl proudly holds a huge northern pike he caught in MI.  His sleek Oldsmobile “88” is behind him.  He stayed with Oldsmobiles after that.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  Esther stands next to one of their Oldsmobiles.  Photo dated September 28, 1964.  Dad gave Kurt his last Oldsmobile, a 1970 yellow car with a black top.  It was greatly needed and appreciated at that time. 

Carl and Esther’s brand new 1941 Plymouth in Kimberly, WI

Some of the C. R. Krieser Family’s Cars Through the Years