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Bert and Emma Aldrich With their First Child Alma Ethel

This is one of the few known pictures that show Bert and Emma Aldrich together.  It appears to have been taken in late 1904 or early 1905, before their second child, Estella, was born.  Alma would have been a little over a year old at the time.  Bert looks very neat in his freshly starched collar and tie.  He had grown a mustache since their wedding picture was taken.  Emma’s lace collar appears to have been tatted.  Emma had learned the art of tatting as part of her rich Belgian heritage.  Belgians were famous for making beautiful tatted lace articles.  Little Alma’s dress is abundantly decorated with lace as well.  Bert’s chair has a carved wing and graceful spindles supporting the armrest.  Thank you Ruth Ann (Aldrich) Roffers, for sharing this picture with us.