Albert Glassnap’s Gun Collection

As time went by, Albert became an avid gun collector.  He was basically interested in three types of guns: Mauser and Mauser-type bolt action rifles, Luger pistols and Smith and Wesson revolvers.  Here are some pictures and clippings that give an insight into that part of his life.  He also had a small beer stein collection.

UPPER RIGHT:  Albert is holding one of his steins with his rifles displayed in the background.  He kept them well oiled and spotless.

CENTER RIGHT:  This shows an unobstructed view of is rifle collection.  He bought his first 300 caliber Savage in the late twenties or early thirties and kept it all those years.  It was still in beautiful condition when he died.

BELOW:  A Newspaper clipping that tells about his Luger collection.  He started collecting Lugers right after World War II and had a prize-winning collection.  He was like a walking encyclopedia on them.

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Albert’s Guns

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