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Some Rare Winter Photographs from about 1937 and 1943

The upper left photo shows Ruth (on the right) with her cousin, Annette Maes.  Although Annette lived in Marion, she and Ruth were very good friends through the years because Ruth took weekly train trips there to take piano lessons from Annette’s mother, Lil.  Lil was Carl Sr.’s sister and had graduated from the Lawrence Conservatory of Music before her marriage.  The two girls were skating near Ruth’s home in Kimberly.  In 1943, Annette lived in Combined Locks when she was teaching there.  She was Ruth’s maid of honor when she married.  The upper right photo shows one of the Krieser Christmas Trees.  You can see the silhouette of Carl Junior hanging on the wall.  That had been a gift from his earlier school days.  The bottom photo shows more of the Krieser’s living room including the piano that Ruth practiced on to the right.  This is a rare peek inside of their lovely Kimberly home.

Winter Photos